A Love Letter to Shahrukh Khan

After a pretty serious Bollywood binge, I was compelled to write this slightly sickening, stalker-y love letter to one of my favorite actors and performers, Shahrukh Khan; sincere to the last word. Apologies to any who read – my heart can find no better outlet.


I am so in love with you,

it makes my heart burst.

I see the way you move

in Kal Ho Naa Ho’s hit song Maahi Ve;

the joy in your lips,

the glint in your eye,

the cock of your step,

are like tantric teasings to me.


Your voice

is like sliding my back

down the bark of a tree,

a self-made massage

that leaves me tingling.


I am watching you

in My Name is Khan

and my eyes are bulging with wanting.

Your nervous jitters and sideways glance

provoke me. 

I am blushed.


In that scene

when you hear laughter

and glance up, seeing Mandira,

your smile is shy and quiet,

like a child’s,

but your eyes are heavy,


like a man who has been stricken.


I need you to look at me like that.


I will concede, however,

that you and Kajol

look so perfect together.

She is radiant,

with sparkling eyes and a quick smile,

like a rush of sunshine

to the heart.


And you,

the way you love her,

the way you hold her,

I am captured.

I cannot be her.

The her that is yours.

Not in film, not in life.

But beyond my own selfish reasons,

I could never wish to possess you,


because you are a gift to the world.

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