EDM to Aphrodite

Written as part of a poetry class exercise. The prompt was: Imagine you are explaining a concept to someone/something who has no concept of what that concept is. Try to realize this concept to this stranger, and articulate in terms that that only that being would be familiar with. After a recent bout in the club, I chose to explain the concept of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to Love personified; The Greek Goddess Aphrodite.


Imagine a writhing sea

of people worshiping

at your feet in a

rhythmic, swaying celebration.


A mating horn blares out

across the flashing, star-speckled heavens.

Drumbeats lend a quick confidence

To tonight’s potential lovers.


Dionysus runs free here,

his flushed cheeks and twinkling smile

can be found in every face,

each lit with rainbow light.


Even Hephaestus, with his

bent back and jealous heart,

can’t help but undulate gracefully

with each wave of sound,

seduced by the sultry notes

laced with a pleasant fever.


Hands stretch out, pupils dilate,

hips pulse, and lips part

in hopeful seduction, no —

salvation, as they all

utter your name under

the breath of the beat.

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