Symphony of Silence

Note: the words here are spaced out to reflect pockets of space, time, and silence. Best rendered on desktop or tablet, but also works on a phone.


it is 2:14AM and i am alone,

surrounded solely by tonight’s silent symphony,


the soft crackle of steam from the kettle as I dry the stovetop’s daily drippings;

the  steady gurgling of the heating unit accompanied by the pensive din of the refrigerator.

all in rhythm to the squeaks of my feet padding on wooden floor boards.

crossing to the window, I hear the back and forth stream of cars fading in and out, while

underneath the carpet, there is the muffled tune of someone singing

finally, I settle in the corner and orchestrate the soft rustle of pages,

looking up for a moment to inhale and take in the quietness of things.

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