Ladycastle (Graphic Novel) | An Avid Book Review

For all ma graphic novel lovers out there, this one’s a winner! Here’s a nerd review of Ladycastle, created by Delilah Dawson (writer) and Ashley A. Woods (artist).


Imagine trudging mile after mile in the world’s hottest, driest desert. Your hands are caked with dust; your mouth is cracked and peeling; your brain is on fire. You are desperate, parched beyond belief. You have forgotten the taste of water, yet remember it as the sweetest nectar – pure and crisp on your tongue; shocking yet instantly satisfying. And then, you come upon a stream. In the middle of this desert, it flows with rushing, gurgling joy, cutting straight across the bitter waste of sand all around you. Finally, finally, you drink and are quenched.

This is what reading Ladycastle felt like! Finally, finally, my thirst for a diverse AF, femme AF, melanated AF, queer AF graphic novel has been QUENCHED. Considering the LITERAL DESERT that often is contemporary media when it comes to serving up unique storylines and diverse narratives like these, I feel like this book struck gold (or water, if we are continuing the metaphor).

In this beautifully-illustrated graphic novel, ya got:

  • Womyn using their BRAINS and BRAWN to ward off scary monsters
  • A black woman as KING of this castledom (HELLO! leadership of color, and GOODBYE! gender stereotypes)
  • A castle-dome filled with BADASS MULTI-TALENTED women who use their many skills and work together to ward off enemies STRATEGICALLY vs. AGGRESSIVELY (cough, cough, men)
  • Representation of all different types, including: skin color, body types, ability status, gender identities, and more. Like, Halle-fucking-lujah.
  • Enjoyably witty and snarky comments comparing the Ladycastle rule to the men who dominated before in your typical, oppressive, patriarchal fashion. Now, these ladies got it wayyyyy more under control.

I don’t know if there will be a sequel (the ending wrapped up pretty nicely), but as I follow more books by these talented authors, I’m excited where this river will take me.

Any other graphic novel lovers out there? Comment below with your favorites (I would love to read them) or follow me on Twitter @ClaimingMyColor


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