A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1-4 | An Avid Book Review

In the wake of HBO releasing it’s latest and final season, I caught the bug and checked out some Game of Thrones paraphernalia from my local library, most notably this graphic novel series adapted by Daniel Abraham and OG George R. R. Martin. 


A friendly overview

Illustrated by the talented Tommy Patterson and colored by Ivan Nunes, this series is a visual adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s (in)famous saga “A Song of Ice and Fire.” It’s beautifully constructed, from the art to the lettering to the storytelling. One big thing I appreciate about THIS series vs. the HBO adaptation is how much more faithful they seem to be to the original books (4 volumes in at least) — especially when it comes to consensual sex (hint hint: that wedding night scene with Daenerys and Khal Drogo). I know there are many reasons that the show deviates from the books, but still – it’s nice to freely indulge in a GOT version that gets the scenes and characters down wayyy more like I pictured them in my head.

Vivid world-building, and a Learn-Along!

Overall, this was beautiful series, and way easier to follow in comic book form, given how vivid and detailed the books are. The explanations in the back of each graphic novel are cool, too: They show how the graphic novel is made, the writing and scripting process, and how the artwork is done from sketching out characters and scenes to doing the lettering and coloring. Very fascinating.


Diversity (wop wop)

The ONLY thing I found disappointing but expected was how whitewashed the characters were. For a graphic novel adaptation, there is such an opportunity to diversify GRRM’s worlds with equally rich and varied characters.

It’s also kinda ironic considering how frequently in the after-pages, the authors discuss how “challenging it is to come up with dozens upon dozens of distinct characters who can be recognized from page to page and across issues.” Yeah. Ya know what could help with that? Beyond size, shape, and gender — include characters of different RACES!

Like, what if Jeyne Poole were black? Or Ser Boros were Asian? The descriptions in the books are vague enough that some re-interpretation of race could be applied, but alas! Nay, not today. Sigh.

Finally, a PSA:

Can’t afford to buy 24 full issues of glossy, color-printed luxury? Have no fear! Your local libraries are there to help. Whenever I want to binge-read the latest new graphic novel or comic book series, I just go online, skip RIGHT past Amazon, and hit up my library website. Click, click, REQUEST, and you’re done. Works (almost) every time! And saves you a lot of money and heartbreak, people.

Overall rating? A-

Still, a compelling series. And definitely grateful that this saga can be made available to a whole different audience who may not resonate with the HBO show or the original TOMES (appropriate word, ha!).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy GOT: The Graphic Novel!


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