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Another beautiful story by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki. One of the main characters, Windy is awesome and totally reminds me of the self I WISH I had the courage to be. Rose is kind of a jerk (to Windy, especially) and reminds me of the self I often was in childhood.

Personally, I remember the ennui of summertime often brought out the worst in me – jealousy, spite, indecisiveness – and I see how this plays out with Rose at her family’s summer home, crushing in vain on the local older boy and acting out at mom and dad.

We realize later that this doesn’t all happen in a vacuum – there is a story behind Rose asshole-ness, and that’s discovered later when we see more of her parents struggling relationship. In fact, I would love to read a parallel account of Rose’s mom during this time; the way that she is made out to be the enemy at first, when really no one else was compassionate toward her demons, was really compelling.

I didn’t feel a super clean resolution at the end of this either, which also smacks of reality. How long do our demons really haunt us? Whose fault was it anyway? What will make me happy? These are the questions This One Summer explores and leaves the reader to discover. 

2 thoughts on “This One Summer (Graphic Novel) | An Avid Book Review

  1. I’ve read ‘Skim,’ ‘Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me,’ and ‘This One Summer’ this year and I’ve really enjoyed all three of them. I loved Windy too and the whole plotline with the mom was just very well-done- my mom has severe depression and has had multiple miscarriages and sometimes her persistent unhappiness can be frustrating (I have depression too and OCD, which makes things way more complicated.) The dad was an okay guy but I thought he could have been much more empathetic about his wife’s trauma.

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    1. Wow – thank you so much for sharing, @indiefan20. This must be very challenging to have this kind of relationship with your mother, and I’m relieved to hear that this story provided some kind of solidarity for you. I know it felt that way for me, as well. Also, I agree the father could have also been more emotionally sensitive to his wife’s dilemma. This book definitely hit close to home. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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