what does it mean to be queer? to be questioning? 

how can clumsy, nascent words

capture my chemistry?

what does it mean to be me?


what if I’m a collection of contradictions?

what if I lust for the sensation of men’s bodies,

but long for the soothingness of women’s souls?

what if I embrace my short hair and muscled limbs,

but adorn myself in flowers and diamonds, black lace and leather?

what if my voice dips low when I’m seduced or seducing

but floats high when I’m enthused or enthusing?

what if I pride myself on the balance

of black and whitestrong and slight

that make up me?

what if, right now, I only want to give my body to one person,

but fantasize about sharing it with others?

can you be sensuously asexual? Because that’s how I feel

late at night,

in the shower,

in the club,

or driving my car,

when my mind runs rampant with

bachata, oh la la, voulez-vous coucher avec moi,

but when it comes down to it

the pussy really just wanna chill.


What if some days I feel queer, and other days just…here?


[To be continued]

6 thoughts on “Queerish

        1. Thank you so much. I came out as gay a while back but am starting to question whether I’m bi but I’ve been met with some intolerance from both straight and gay people alike so I feel ya on the struggle, internal and external. Stay strong!

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