Don’t Call Me Evil

It may seem like just a word
but it was a fuse my father would use
to aim and fire bullets my way
when I’d bully or berate my brother
back in the day: I was a villain then, it’s true.
But I was a child, too.
And when I grew and knew
the ins and outs of adulthood
and understood the ills of
ignorance, absence, pestilence —
THOSE were the sustenance
of true evil. So to even
scale the same term if I
curtail you, turn stern, or come off terse;
just feels…worse. Wow. Pow, pow!
You shot me down. In one round,
I’m on the ground, thinking
Ow! But — it’s NOT the same thing,
neither then nor now, so how
do you still find my target?

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